Posted on 15/03/15 12:08:02 by SotK
SotK's Spain Mod

Hello once again.

I found some time and some motivation this weekend, and finished getting the latest version of SotK's Spain Mod for Rome: Total War ready to release! I completely forgot I hadn't done that already until I started playing Total War: Attila to be honest.

Anyway, its available for download from here!

Posted on 24/12/13 03:07:54 by SotK
So it begins

Hello world!

I finally updated this place once again, and have now maybe decided to stop using it as a testing ground and start using it as something approaching a blog. It will be interesting to see how long this motivation lasts I think.

Anyway, the most recent change I made was to update the homepage to load posts from a database. This was the first step I needed to do to start using this thing in a blog-like manner, since before that it was a pain to add new news to the site. This has allowed me to write a simple script to upload posts. In the future I want to work on login sessions to increase security, and maybe also create a facility to comment on these posts.

The end goal of all this is to create a place for me to have a development blog for my game, Township.

New Post...